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University of Jember

University of Jember (UNEJ), one of the outstanding public universities in Indonesia, is granting full scholarships to foreigner students for undergraduate, master and PhD program Academic Year 2011/2012 in the following programs.

PhD Programs

  1. PhD in Administration Sciences

Master Programs

  1. Master of Management
  2. Master of Administration Science
  3. Master of Agribusiness
  4. Master of Agronomy
  5. Master of Economics Study

Undergraduate Programs

  1. Basic Sciences (Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics)
  2. Agriculture Sciences (Agroecotechnology, Agribusiness, Agricultural Engineering and Post Harvest Technology)
  3. Social Sciences (Accounting, Economics, Management, Indonesian Language, Public Administration, International Relations, Business Administration, Sociology, Education Biology and Education Mathematics)
  4. Health Science (Public Health)
  5. Information System Study Program

The full scholarship will cover the total tuition fee, living allowance, establishment, books, cloths and air fare ticket economic class (arrival and return) but not for other personal expenses.

Selection Criteria

  1. Applicants must be a citizen of a developing country
  2. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of academic excellence (most recent grades), recommendations from principals / vice principals / teachers / government employers.
  3. Applicants should have an IELTS score at least 5 (no band under 5.0); or TOEFL score at least 450.
  4. Under 40 years old for PhD and Master Program.
  5. Under 25 years old for Undergraduate Program.

Benefits and Conditions

  1. Students are required to enroll in the year in which the scholarship is awarded. The scholarship cannot be extended.
  2. The scholarship will be renewed on an annual basis for the duration of the initial single degree (not double degree) subject to satisfactory performance of the student as determined by the University. Unsatisfactory academic performance will result of termination of scholarship.
  3. The University reserves the right to terminate the scholarship at any time if the student does not obey University rules and regulations or does not progress through programs at the normal full-time rate.
  4. Students who do not meet the minimum Indonesian language proficiency for their study are suggested to follow a pre-course language program for maximum of six months course, and the fee will be covered by University.

Sending the Application
All applicant documents can be sent via REGULAR MAIL or EMAIL.

REGULAR MAIL (Post or Courier)
The application should be clearly marked “Application for UNEJ Scholarship Program Academic Year 2012/2013” and mail to:

Bureau of Academic Affair
Jember University
Kalimantan Street. No. 37
Jember, East Java

Please send the documents (must be in PDF Format) to with the email subject “Application for UNEJ Scholarship Program Academic Year 2012/2013

Fully completed application packages must be received by UNEJ Before and or 1 November 2012.

Selection results are expected to be available 2-3 weeks after the application deadline and only selected candidates will be contacted via email.

Application Checklist
Have you included in your application package?

  • Completed Application for Admission to Degree Program form
  • A certified copy with English translation of :
    • senior high school graduation certificate for undergraduate program
    • undergraduate certificate for master program
    • master certificate for PhD program
  • A certified copy of academic transcripts
  • Evidence of English (IELTS/TOEFL) or Indonesian proficiency
  • A certified copy of ID card.
  • A submission in English or Indonesian from the applicant on why the applicant should receive a scholarship (one page).
  • Letters of reference from principals/vice principals/teachers/employers.
  • Research proposal for master program (3 pages)

Applications are not returnable and incomplete applications will not be considered.

For more information, please visit official website:


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