Welcome to September

Welcome to September!

September is the special month, at least it is for me, or otherwise it is just for me. This month, I am 26 years old. Somewhat weird, guys! Sure, I do not realise that time flies as fast as what I do not expect. Lol 😀

Later, I said. I do not know what happened to me in the last two weeks. In the month that I actually happy, I am not really happy. I still do not know. It may come because I feel today that I get weight loss.

Since the academic year in this campus has started, I think I have more time for doing more activities. You know, actually many challenges here for being a young lecturer. Ya, may be the reason is this. Because, as a new lecturer, I must prepare all materials for each lecturer that I must deliver in the class. I must read many books, articles and any other supporting and relevant document to be prepared in front of the class.

I think actually being a teacher or whatsoever, being a lecturer is not a difficult one. What makes difficult is that I must give lecturer that I am not really interested. My mind is about international law and which is more philosophical.

Ya, this stage should not be a barrier for me. It challenges me to be more adaptive and learn more about what I previously did not like.

Other than this, I think the problem is about my lifestyle. Wait, not really I think. In the last couple week I do not like to eat more. That is just the case. If eat less, weight loss. Whatsoever, I am toothache actually. Ya, because of toothache, I cannot eat more. My one tooth has decayed and I must undergo surgery to take that tooth (as recommended by the dentist). But I have postponed. And, I do not know when I will do that. That might be my big problem in the near future.

But that is not a big deal actually. I will do that ASAP.

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