When I was and no longer a chairman

At that time, I read my report of chairmanship at national conference of Indonesian Student Association in India (PPI India) last year in August.

Once I was appointed as Vice Chairman in August 2014, there should be many experiences I got as part of National Board at PPI India. What I remember and never forget, especially after 4 months in the Board the Chairman resigned on 24 December in the same year.

In short, I was appointed as the Chairman in the period starting from 10 January till 21 August 2015. Within the days on 24 December 2014 – 10 January 2015, there was a contention not only within the Board, but also within my local chapter in Hyderabad.

In my local chapter, it was decided that I should not accept as the Chairman therefore we in Hyderabad decided not to do anything in the period until it would be held conference in August 2015. At the national board, we were doubt relating to the constitution of PPI India in which the stipulation of emergency status was contradictory and void. We tried to interpret the norms in the constitution to avoid stagnation of our work. On the other hand, however, I must ensure my local chapter that special conference was the only solution for this unending problem and it should be the moment to reform this institution.

Several days before special conference was held, I called an advisor of PPI India. He recommended to make a further study and investigation through a commission to investigate the resignation of the Chairman. He told me just two days before the special conference was held. And, therefore the conference should be postponed once the investigation completed. There should be the postponement of conference that we had already informed the special conference to all members. He said, if we did so, it needed about 2 weeks investigation.

What we knew in undertow was not as easy as this. However, we should remain to took recommendation into account and considered for the situation and possibility in that time and read what the constitution says about the emergency situation.

Being one of meaningful experiences to have you all. We did keep all iz well. Thanks for being the team. Incredible Team, Incredible Experience, Incredible Land

The special conference was held. I reigned as the Chairman on 10 January and read my report on 21 August 2015.


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